Make Your Law Firm More Visible

The internet has changed the way that people find lawyers.

It used to be that these two worlds never met, but now they are colliding more and more – with mixed results.

The problem is that attorneys who don’t know how to market their services online are losing out on business opportunities because potential clients can see them in a Google search or social media feed without ever knowing anything about the attorney’s work. This article will give you some tips for getting your law firm visible online!

Social Media Presence

It is crucial to create an account on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Each social media platform has a different effect on your marketing campaign. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is much more professional than most others. While this should be the main focus for attracting clients through social media and posting your work and accomplishments, you should also try out other platforms. YouTube will make it easier for people to see videos of past work that you have done. This can be helpful if people are looking for a lawyer with specific experience or want to learn more about the attorney’s capabilities before deciding which law firm to work with. Facebook and Instagram can be a little more casual. Showing off company culture mixed with professionalism is a way to show people a “behind the scenes” of how your firm may work. All these platforms can help build your firm’s credibility with people who may not even be a client yet.

Show off Some Victories

One great way to make your law firm more visible is to post pictures of yourself in your office or out in the field working with clients on your social media or your own website. This will show potential clients that you are a real person with real experience, and it will help them feel more confident in choosing you as their lawyer.

For a great promotional tool, put together a collection of photos of satisfied clients, some of your firm’s most outstanding achievements, and whatever else may fit with these topics.

You don’t have to be an award-winning photographer to post these pictures. Just make sure they have good quality and professionally represent your firm.

Spotlight Positive Feedback

It’s important to share the feedback that your firm receives. Spotlighting positive feedback makes it so that new potential clients can see how satisfied your current clients are. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so by sharing the feedback from your current clients, you can create a sense of trust and authority that is hard to replicate anywhere else.

The ideas we shared should help give you some inspiration for what kinds of marketing strategies work well for attorneys looking to attract new clients. We want every attorney out there to be successful. The best way to start doing that is by making sure your online presence is as visual and eye-catching as possible.

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